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Creatures of the Light

Creatures of the Light – Former Post Office on Abingdon Street

16 – 31 October: 6pm-10pm daily
Creatures of the Light is a continuation of our partnership with Guildhall School of Music and Drama. This brand new 3D projection mapping experience will bring to life the Grade II former Post Office building on Abingdon Street.

The immersive 3D projection is a narrative animation following a group of curious animals on a journey to discovery. Influenced by shadow puppetry and carnival costumes, the five-minute sequence features a collection of charming fantasy animals that begin their lives in a ridged monotone that gradually explore the world around them, bringing light and colour into their lives. The various creatures work together and explore a variety of landscapes and environments, helping each other to overcome the challenges they face and to ultimately find happiness.
Creatures of the Light projection
During the experience, the audience will see the building shift and transform in front of their eyes, using an architectural projection mapping technique to create the illusion.  The heart-warming narrative, combined with a specially commissioned musical accompaniment by the Guildhall students, is guaranteed to leave the audience with a warm fuzzy feeling.

This brand new feature for Lightpool Festival 2020 is upliftingly charming and suitable for all ages, so come along from 6-10pm daily to watch the show!